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Don't Discount The Outdoors.

This Black Friday we’re not getting mixed up in a race to the bottom. Instead, we’re promoting the thing we love the most – the great outdoors. We encourage you to do the same. Go explore somewhere you’ve never been before. Try something you’ve never done before. Go on an adventure for the sake of adventure. Above all else, Don’t Discount the Outdoors.

You can’t discount what you don’t own. And nature wasn’t made with tags. You can’t own a sunset. You can’t buy a crashing wave. You can’t put a price on the view you get after scaling a mountain. They’re the rewards you get for opening the door and going outside.

We live for the outdoors, and we know it’s so much more than just what you see. It’s twigs snapping under your boot. Sweat stinging your eye. Pulling a thorn from your skin. Building your own fire and enjoying its crackle until dawn. It’s the experiences. The lessons. The memories.

These things are priceless. We know this. And yet, we are the leading cause of their destruction. But we can change that. We can choose not to participate in the never-ending cycle of buying cheap shit that frequently has to be replaced and ultimately ends up on a landfill. Buy better. Repair. Repurpose. Reuse.

Ok, so you get what we’re saying when we say Don’t Discount the Outdoors, but who are we to say it? Just Like Papa. SA’s premium outdoor store. We only sell products we use, and we only use products we’ve personally tested extensively.

If a product doesn’t meet our standards, it has no place on our floor. No exceptions. The best outdoor gear available in SA. Sign up for our newsletter and join our badass community of adventurers, explorers, and outdoor enthusiasts. You know you want to.

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Nightfall is inevitable, but darkness is a choice. If you're stumbling around in the dark looking for light, it's too late. Be prepared with the best.

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Don't Discount The Outdoors.